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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Ace technicians in garage door installation and replacement, maintenance and garage door repairs, and in fixing opener and remote issues

Helpful Garage Door Repair Technicians

Top garage door clicker experts

Our little one broke the garage door clicker and we had to replace it right away. It had been a while since we last hired a professional for services and some friends recommended Garage Door Repair Fairfield. Now it's our turn to recommend them to everybody with garage doors. Their service is fabulous! We were amazed by their interest to serve us well! They gave us tens of options and all remote controls were manufactured by good brands. We definitely appreciated that but mostly the help and immediate service of the staff at this company.

Great pros for lubrication maintenance

I called Garage Door Repair Fairfield reluctantly to ask whether the techs could only come for lubrication maintenance and I was happy to hear that they could. The greatest thing was that we scheduled an appointment for hours later. I really liked that because when I get something in my mind, I have to get it over with. They were punctual, polite and I liked that they used good quality lubricants. I explained that I was hearing noises lately and the techs also checked the garage door parts to see if there was something wrong. Do you see this happening often?

Perfect Fix for a Bent Track

“It was impossible for me to close my electric garage door. It was completely jammed and I didn’t know how to troubleshoot it. My next-door neighbor saw me and recommended calling this garage door service provider. I did and got instant response. The technician came in very quickly and found the problem almost right away. He repaired the bent track with care and precision, and after a short while it was perfectly straight. The guy was very nice and gave me some user advice to avoid this kind of trouble in the future. I liked everything about the service and would use it in the future if needed.”

Efficient Garage Door Servicing

“I value my time more than anything else. This is why I don’t always look forward to calling in technicians for a repair or maintenance job at home. I can’t have them take up too much of my time. This was certainly not the case with Garage Door Repair Fairfield. Their outstanding efficiency was clearly visible when they started fixing my faulty garage door hinges. In fact, they were able to complete the task much sooner than I had expected them to. For that reason, I can rate this experience as a perfect 10.“

-Gregory Haas


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