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When is the best time to replace my door with a new one?

If you notice that your garage door is sagging, fading or no longer working, ask a professional’s help right away. If it takes you long to contact an expert, your door might harm anyone in your house. So it is best to call a technician before it happens. Consult our garage door repair specialists in Fairfield.

Why get rid of plain doors?

Choosing a plain color for your door does not mean you do not have a good taste for exterior design. If you think the door’s appearance does not matter, then think again. Apart from presenting a blank look on the street, it may not complement with your well-design facade. So, add some appeal to your door with the right color, trim and window insets.

Can replacing the garage door improve the appearance of my home?

Replacing an old garage door can definitely improve your home’s curb appeal. In fact, door replacement is a good investment option. This can also add value to your home in case you want to put your home up for sale in the market.

Are torsion springs better than extension ones?

They have several important advantages. The torsion spring system has fewer parts and this makes it less likely to cause problems. Furthermore, the tension of this type of spring can be regulated for smooth door performance. While the highest cycle life extension springs can have is 10,000, this is practically the current minimum for their counterparts while the maximum is 20,000 cycles.

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