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Do you want to prevent your garage door from getting repaired all the time? These maintenance tips will definitely help you.

Work plan for garage door repair

The recommendation by garage door Repair Company in Fairfield is to select the lowest side. Raise the door until the bottom is near the radius of the horizontal tracks. You should then clamp that finished side using vice grips. If the door is already down, bar off the springs. Go inside and rewind the fallen part.

Screw drivers and garage doors

It is not advisable to use a screw driver when working on a garage door because it could quite easily break and go through. Instead, place a bar in the holes on the winding plug on the spring and wind up towards the ceiling. Using this method helps rest the structure fully on the ground.

The owner’s manual

Every garage door or door opener comes with a manual while purchasing. If you’ve lost yours, you can get another one. Just look for the model number located at the bottom of your electric door opener or garage door and contact your local distributor to request for a new manual.

Professional handling of the opener is recommended

Allowing our professionals to install, repair or maintain your garage door opener will ensure its proper functioning and prolong its life as well. Our expert technicians also know the safety precautions to adhere to in order to avoid injury.

Tighten all bolts

Bolts go hand in hand with nuts. They are the main fasteners keeping garage door parts together in one place and preventing their vibration when the door is moving. Vibration caused by the door during motion will eventually loosen up some of these bolts, therefore, it's a good idea to check and tighten them frequently according to our technicians.

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